Certification for Italian Scientific Diver

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AIOSS, in compliance with Legge 4/2013,  issues to its members who request and meet the requirements the certificates of:





These certifications are equivalent to the minimum training standards for European Scientific Diver (ESD) and Advanced European Scientific Diver (AESD) defined by the European Scientific Diving Panel (ESDP).

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Both certifications (ITESD and ITAESD) represent an agreed-upon minimum training and proof of competence that serves to promote the quality of scientists and their international mobility in order to cooperate and participate in scientific diving research projects involving SCUBA dives.


In different countries, certificates are issued by the relevant national bodies. In addition, depth and breathing gas limits may apply in different countries. ESD and AESD standards do not cover aspects such as insurance, medical examinations, employment rules, safety rules, diving limits, rules for recognition of national scientific diving schools, etc. These are covered by national laws and European Directives. Furthermore, these standards should be understood as minimum levels of competency; they do not take into account any specialty requirements by employers. They simply define the minimum basic training of a scientific diver as necessary for mobility and as a basic training level upon which the employer can build additional training modules.

The certificate is valid for 5 years, but in order to obtain the annual attestation from AIOSS, membership must be renewed annually.

The certificate is individual and is not a substitute for diving certification, which must be adequate for the depth and operating conditions, just as it is not a substitute for the need for annual medical suitability and adequate accident and/or third-party liability insurance coverage where required by working conditions.

To obtain the certificate you must:

  • be an AIOSS member for the year of issue (to join or renew go to the membership page and follow the online procedure)
  • Be qualified in one of the following scientific fields:
  • Archaeology (related degree required)
  • Biology & Ecology (related degree required)
  • Geology & Earth Sciences (related degree required)
  • Journalism (related bachelor's degree or membership in the Ordine dei Giornalisti required)
  • Medicine (relevant degree required)
  • Instrumentation and equipment (related degree required)
  • Veterinary medicine (related degree required)
  • Aquariology and museology (related degree required)
  • curriculum vitae, dated and signed
  • all documents demonstrating the requirements stipulated or deemed useful for evaluation
  • personal diving log (also in compatible digital format), with clear indication of which dives have involved scientific or underwater scientific training activities.
  • signed identification document
  • photo identification (at least 500 x 500 pixels)
  • proof of payment of secretarial fees and (renewal) membership in AIOSS.

If you have not yet fulfilled the requirements, it is recommended that you take specific courses that are useful for maturing the minimum required skills and experience. Courses organized by universities, research centers and accredited organizations are periodically listed on our website.

New certificate

If you want to obtain certification or upgrade to higher level certification, after joining AIOSS, you must apply by attaching all the required documents and paying the secretarial fees. The assessment will be valid for 5 years.

Annual maintenance

AIOSS, in compliance with Legge 4/2013, can certify the maintenance of requirements only for active members. If it has been less than 5 years since your certification was issued, you simply need to renew your membership by providing the required information and paying the membership fee.

Five-year renewal

If your certification is more than 5 years old and you want to renew it, after joining AIOSS, you must apply by attaching all the required documents and paying the secretarial fees. The renewal will be valid for 5 years. A new certification is needed to upgrade to the next level.




Secretarial fees

The paperwork for the issuance and five-year renewal of certifications for ITALIAN SCIENTIFIC DIVER (ITESD) and ADVANCED ITALIAN SCIENTIFIC DIVER (ITAESD) requires the payment of secretarial fees, amounting to €50.00.


You can pay the charges with most common credit cards through the secure PayPal system.


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