Underwater scientific fields

All those who, possessing appropriate qualifications certifying the specific training required by the operational context, carry out scientific diving, including students as part of their underwater scientific training, can be considered Scientific Divers.

Italian scientific divers include:

  • technicians, researchers and academics;
  • technicians and researchers from research institutes and public agencies, including: CNR, ENEA, ISPRA, AUSL, ARPA, OGS, SZN, Ministries, Superintendency;
  • operators and managers of Marine Protected Areas, Nature Reserves, Marine Archaeological Sites;
  • freelancers;
  • employees of private environmental consulting firms;
  • technicians and operators of public and private aquariums;
  • technicians and researchers in the field of underwater medicine;
  • technicians and researchers in underwater equipment research and development.

Depending on the training and main profession held by OSSs, we can identify the following main fields of science: